Dog Love

A collection of favorite writings on all things dog (and other animals too!). 


Bones Would Rain From the Sky, Suzanne Clothier

Plenty in Life is Free, Kathy Sdao

The Other End of the Leash, Patricia McConnell

Control Unleashed, Leslie McDevitt

Best Hikes with Dogs

When Elephants Weep, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

The Lost Dogs, Jim Gorant

The World Without Us, Alan Weisman

Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse, Mark Rashid

Before You Were Mine, Maribeth Boelts

The Big Pets, Lane Smith

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Velveteen Rabbit, Margery Williams



Things You Might Have Missed, Jessica Dolce

If They Could March, Jean Donaldson

Train Your Dog Like You Love Him, Laurie Luck

My Dog Got Kicked Out of Daycare Today, Robin Bennett

Who You Calling Less Adoptable?, Peace, Love, & Fostering

Hard to Train, Suzanne Clothier

Being Grateful for Things You Don’t Like, Anna Blake

The Threat of Stillness, Nicole Wilde

Bad Dog! Solving Problem Behaviors, Sara Reusche

Improving the Dog/Human Relationship, Pat Miller

Rethinking the “Do As I Say” Attitude, Thomas Aaron

Understanding Aggression, Lisa Mullinax

He Just Wants to Say Hi, Suzanne Clothier

7 Ways We Can Support Mental Health in the Animal Welfare Community, Jessica Dolce

Humans Are Nowhere Near as Special As We Like to Think, Melissa Hogenboom

It’s Only Funny Until Your Dog Runs Out of Spoons, E. Foley

Does Your Dog Really Love That Activity?, Debby Mullen

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving, Hyperbole an a Half

Toy Trouble: It’s Worth the Price!, Amy Weeks

Let Them Chew, Dr. Emily Weiss



everyone thinks they have the best dog








Dog Therapy

The Coziest Dog Leash, By Planet Dog

Favorite Dog Toys: West Paw’s Boogey, Salsa, or Tango & Classic Corduroy Line, Jax & Bones Rope Octopus, Go Dog’s Dinos & Dragons, KONG’s Bounzer & Wobbler, Orbee Tuff ProduceSqueaky Tennis Balls, Jolly Pet’s Jolly Balls, Nina Ottosson’s Finder.

Shelter Behavior Programming Resources, Dogs Out Loud

Reactive Dog Resources, Dogs in Need of Space

My Dogs as Dinosaurs…











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