The Red Balloon

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her head in the clouds. At least that’s what the grown-ups all told her. All of them except for her grandma. Her grandma said it was just that the little girl knew how to dream and to see. She saw the glittering of the … More The Red Balloon

Beetle Brave

Broccoli was just a young beetle but he knew the way the world was. He lived under the fence behind the playground and what he wanted more than anything was to cross the big white sidewalk and see the view beyond the schoolhouse. But sidewalks were dangerous. They were filled with feet. Stepping, walking, running, … More Beetle Brave


Monkey was a dog with skills. Unfortunately, the humans around him didn’t let him use those skills to their fullest, most glorious expression. He got to play chase, sure. But chasing and catching toys was not the same as living life as a wild vagabond hunter. You see, what Monkey was, was a natural born … More Apocamonkey


Soulbeast: a magical creature, different from you in body and name, but sharing the same heart.   Have you met your soulbeast? Or are you still out there searching?  Certain there’s a part of you that’s just for them. That knows your soulbeast already. A soulbeast is a magical creature.  You understand their heart and … More Soulbeast