Dismissing Each Other

There’s no shortage of voices discussing our recent election and its fallout. So many that I wondered whether there was any point in adding to the din. But we’re all trying to process something huge here and also, quite frankly, I’m tired of being quiet. It’s a conclusion I reached well before casting my vote but it’s … More Dismissing Each Other

The Ethics of an Other

The internet is filled with emotional posts over the fatal shooting of a critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla named Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo yesterday after a four year old child climbed into his enclosure. The previous day had been Harambe’s 17th birthday. There are heartbreaking stories about the things we humans do to our fellow … More The Ethics of an Other

Where We Live

-Chapter One- Sydney woke up to the rain soaking through the sleeve of her robe. She’d fallen asleep with the window open and the wetness had pulled her from a dream where she’d been running. She couldn’t remember why. For a moment, she lay still, letting the rain continue to drift inside. Waking up had … More Where We Live

The Snail Farmer

Sebastian was a Snail Farmer. His backyard was full of snails. Families and friends of all kinds. He loved to watch the shiny trails they made along the ground and up the trees and across the fence posts. He liked to watch their groups and see how fast they went and learn about what snails ate and … More The Snail Farmer

The Sad

It was a Tuesday. Isabel woke up and something felt wrong. She didn’t know what it was but inside her heart she felt a soreness. It was a little empty and a little full at the same time and it felt very tender like if someone bumped it, it would hurt very much. She asked … More The Sad