The word soulbeast likely needs no definition for anyone who has found theirs.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.” Once in a lifetime, perhaps more than once if you’re incredibly lucky, your soulbeast comes along and shows you the trueness of that statement.

Unlike the human soulmate, the soulbeast isn’t a person. And simply by virtue of that, it’s a connection that grounds you in something wilder, something greater than being human, something other and yet still the same.

Soulbeast Studios was created for my soulbeast, a rottweiler mix named Sedona and in many ways, the love of my life. If there’s a common theme to the writing, it’s simply that we’re all a bit more than ourselves. We are connected to more than just humanity and that, if we allow it to be, is one of the greatest beauties of life.



The author has been a dog obsessed animal lover and reading & writing junkie since sometime just after birth. She loves wandering off to fantasy worlds at least as much as she loves living in this one and thinks if we look carefully enough, the two often overlap. Her professional background is in at-risk early childhood education and behaviorally at-risk shelter dogs. She considers naughty dogs and little humans the best and most honest teachers the world has to offer. If you want to ask her about anything on this website, you can email amy@soulbeaststudios.com.