Kumquat and Plum: A Love Story

heartKumquat and Plum went to the same school, but they were in different classes.

They liked each other but neither one knew how to say I love you, at least not to another fruit.

Kumquat loved her dog.

Plum loved his camera.

One day Kumquat needed a picture of a garbage truck so Plum drew her one. The next week, he drew the class guinea pig, Chickenpig, and left it on her car.

Kumquat and Plum went swimming together.

They watched movies and ate snacks and went to the park. They talked and smiled and thought about each other’s specialness.

They even held hands.

Plum didn’t know how to make a big deal out of birthdays and Christmas and Halloween so Kumquat showed him. She learned how to bake so she could make him a cake and she showed him surprises and how to dance in the kitchen.

One time Kumquat and Plum drove to Mexico together and it was lovely even though Plum got sick and Kumquat got pooped on by a bird.

Another time, Kumquat and Plum went camping and it was lovely even though Kumquat got attacked by ants and Plum had to carry her into the tent.

And one time Kumquat got scared and for awhile they didn’t go swimming or dance in the kitchen. It was sad and to fix things, they both had to be very brave.

First, Kumquat had to tell Plum she was sorry. To show him she meant it, she gave him her heart.

They went for walks and danced in the kitchen again and this time things were different.

Somewhere along the way, Kumquat and Plum had learned to say I love you.


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