Sedona favoriteSoulbeast: a magical creature, different from you in body and name, but sharing the same heart.


Have you met your soulbeast?

Or are you still out there searching? 

Certain there’s a part of you that’s just for them.

That knows your soulbeast already.

A soulbeast is a magical creature.

 You understand their heart and they understand yours.

And when you find each other, your life changes. You will never feel alone or lost again.

All soulbeasts are different.

 Yours might be a llama, a dragon, a hamster, or a turtle.

 It might be a great, beautiful black bear.

 Or maybe it’s a dog. Often it’s a dog.

And once you are together, even when you’re apart, you will always have your soulbeast and they will always have your heart.


These books are not yet published. Interested in publishing or illustrating? Email!

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